Labo351SST Automotive Salt Spray Corrosion Salt Spray Tester

LABONICS Labo351SST Salt spray corrosion tester adapts to the surface treatment of various materials, to test the corrosion resistance of products with anti-corrosive treatment. It is used primarily to compare the corrosion resistance of painted or metal coated samples. It is a continuous spray (fog) test. Following a defined Range of ph. The purpose of salt fog testing is to collect corrosion resistance data from coated and non-coated alloys and also a wide variety of other materials including plastics

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Internal dimensions 640*1000*500(mm)
Overall dimensions 810*1800*1180(mm)
Temperature range Ambient ~60°C
Humidity range 95% ~ 98% RH
Temperature fluctuations +/- 0.5 °C
Temperature deviation +/- 2.0 °C'
Test time 1~999 hours, settable
Spray deposition 1~2ml / 80cm2 · h
Spray Type Continuous / Periodic
Temperature sensor PT100 / MV A-class
Power Supply AC220V 50HZ

  • LED display, P.I.D+S.S.R. microcomputer integrated controller For Temperature Sensing
  • A Saturated Air Barrel for Salt Water Pre-Heating
  • Ensures adequate distribution of Fog by Atomizer tower and Spray nozzles Spraying System
  • Ample amount of Filters for Salt Water Filtration
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastics
  • Round bar; Sample holder; Spray nozzle are Supplied to the Chambers
  • Fog collectors / 2 pieces are also provided for collection of Fog
  • Equipped with Measure cylinder also
  • Gives Protection against over-temperature, water shortage, over current protection, earth leakage
  • Hydrostatic Sealing Hood
  • High quality MV A-class Temperature Sensor

Applied to Paints, Organic coatings, Phosphates surfaces Zinc and Zinc-alloy plating Electroplated chromium, tin, nickel, copper Non-electrolytic coatings. A number of industries opts for this Salt Spray Chamber