Sand and Dust Test Chambers Labo900SDC

LABONICS Labo900SDC Environmental Test Chamber is excellent in their work and are thus very reliable for the processes. Sand and Dust Test Chambers not only evaluate but also simulates the conditions of sand and dust to get the better results. As blowing Sand can cause erosion and can degrade paint, protective coatings, plastics and labels on vehicles and components. Gears, rotors, and seals of jet engines and turbines can also be damaged whereas Dust gets into areas of the product that can be detrimental to its operation. Parts such as Circuit boards, relays, moving parts and equipment with air intakes, filters and fluid reservoirs can all be dangerously affected when exposed to blowing dust.

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Internal Dimensions 800*1000*1000mm
Overall Dimensions 1040*1450*1960mm
Temperature Range Ambient to ± 50℃
Relative Humidity <30% RH
Normal Wire Diameter 50um
Normal Width of a gap between Wire 75um
The Talcum Powder Amount 2 kg ~ 4kg/m3
Fight Time 0~99H59M
Fan Cycle Time 0~99H59M
Specimen Power Outlet Dust Proof Socket AC 22OU16A
Vacuum System Pressure Gauge, Air Filter, Pressure Regulator, Connecting Tube
Circulating Fan Enclosed alloy low –noise mo tor,multi-vane centrifugal fan
Power Supply 380V 50 Hz

  • A Programmable Color Display Touch Screen Controller
  • Independent Nichrome Electronic Heating System
  • Blowing Dust is controlled by Blowing Dust Mechanism
  • Manually Controlled Wiper along with a Viewing Window
  • Strong Stainless-steel Shelf for placing Test Specimens
  • Equipped with a Dust Collection Sector
  • Provides Safety from Electric Leakage, Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Motor Overheating, Over Current Protection
  • A Controller for Controlling Power Failure Memory Functions

As Sand and Dust testing evaluates the ability of materials to be stored and resist the effects of dust and operated in blowing sand conditions without degrading its performance, effectiveness, reliability, and maintainability. Dust testing also determine the shelf life of product by performing a settling dust test. These Tests also determine any Failure points in the product and hence these are widely used in Automotive, Electric-Technical Products and Solar Energy