Fan filter unit Labo102FFU

Fan filter unit Labo102FFU is a versatile built-in fan ceiling unit for effective turbulence and laminar clean rooms. It prevents heat dissipation from within the unit thus preventing premature equipment failure. Provision with embedded frame filter adoption for liquid sealed ceiling skeleton.

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Body dimensions ( W x L x H ) 875 x 1175 x 230 mm
Filter dimensions ( W x L x D ) 870 x 1170 x 69 mm
Air value 19 CMM ~ 25 CMM
1500 m3/h
Material Powder coat steel
Galvanized aluminium plate
Stainless steel 304
Filter HEPA
HEPA filter size 0.3 µm
ULPA filter size 0.12 µm
Filter efficiency 0.9999
Connection type Terminal block
Male and female connector
Power cord
Fan pressure 220 Pa
Noise 50 dB ~ 56 dB
High efficiency power Three section adjustable
Five section adjustable
Power 210 W
Power supply AC single phase 110 V 50 Hz ; 220 V 60 Hz
AC single phase 110 V 50 Hz ; 380 V 60 Hz
Weight 47 kgs

  • Independent control unit
  • Filter - HEPA / ULPA
  • Error indicator lamp
  • Power indicator switch
  • Overload protective switch
  • Reserved run and fault dry connection monitoring
  • Material (Powder coated steel / galvanized aluminium plate / stainless steel 304)

Used to supply purified air to cleanrooms, laboratories, medical facilities or microenvironments by removing harmful airborne particles from recirculating air