Cargo air shower Labo100CAS

Cargo air shower Labo100CAS is an automated system used in clean rooms with a photoelectric sensor and automated door. PLC controlled blowing maintains air purity and avoids recirculation of microscopic contaminants. Electronic door locking system ensures a clean seal that prevents contaminant seepage. Four door electronic interlock creates a gas chamber effect preventing contamination.

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Exterior dimensions ( W x D x H ) 1800 x 1500 x 2180 mm
Interior dimensions ( W x D x H ) 1300 x 1380 x 1980 mm
Stainless steel nozzle 18 pieces
Air velocity 22 m/s ~ 27 m/s
Noise ˂ 65
HEPA filter size 0.3 µm
HEPA filter dimensions 610 x 610 x 90
Number of HEPA filters 2
HEPA filter efficiency 0.9999
Number of fans 2
Fan power 1100 W
No of LED lights 1
LED light power 8 W
Power 380 V 50 Hz
Net weight 400 kgs
Packaging weight 500 kgs

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • H13 HEPA filter
  • Two level filtration system (pre filter, HEPA filter)
  • Dual door opening options (infrared induction and inching switch)
  • Indicator light
  • Infrared sensor
  • Stainless steel door
  • Electronic door lock
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Custom sizes and configurations are also available

Used to prevent cross-contamination within workspaces, to remove particulates, to remove surface contamination from personnel prior entering a lower level contaminated environment


  • Automated door opening
  • Preset time for door closure facility (on entry and after exit)
  • Auto showering on start of IR sensor


  • Automated door opening (photoelectric sensor)
  • PLC controlled air blowing
  • Cyclical pattern ensuring purification of air shower

HEPA filter size 0.3 µm
HEPA filter efficiency ≥ 99.99 %
Air velocity > 20 m/s
Showering time 1 sec to 99 secs ( adjustable )
Noise ≤ 80 dB
Power source AC 3N 380 V 50 Hz


  • Fully automatic control operation
  • Two-door electronic interlocking
  • IR induction automatic shower and double door locking when blowing

Full SS304 / SS201
Powder coated exterior
Double blow air shower
Three blow air shower
Automated door opening
Manual dual door opening
Automated slip door
Fast rolling curtain door

Accessory No Accessory
1.        LED lamp
2.        Indicator
3.        Door closer
4.        SUS 304 nozzle
5.        HEPA filter
6.        LCD control
7.        SUS 304 handle
8.        Motor ( Fan )