Class II A2 Biosafety cabinet Labo302BSC-II

Class II Biosafety cabinet Labo302BSC-II is a type A2 safety level containment cabinet that limits operator exposure to minute quantities of volatile toxic or hazardous chemicals and radio nucleotides by negative pressure inward airflow. HEPA filtration system recirculates 70% filtered air within the cabinet with 30% discharged into the environment via HEPA exhaust filter. Facilitates user, environment and product protection and is suitable for work involving pathogens and potentially hazardous microbial agents or materials.

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Air circulation 70%
Air exhaust 30%
Glass door orientation Vertical
HEPA filters 99.999 % efficient at 0.3μm ( x2 )
Air pressure 500 Pa
Ascending wind speed 462 m3 / h ( 272 cfm )
Descending wind speed 60 % : 863 m3 / h ( 507 cfm )
Exhaust airflow velocity 40 % : 462 m3 / h ( 272 cfm )
Illumination LED lamp 18 W x 2
Illumination ≥ 1000 Lux
UV lamp 30 W
UV lamp emission 253.7 nm
Display LCD Display
Work surface height 750 mm
Window safety height 200 mm
Maximum opening height 550 mm
Caster Foot master caster
Alarm system Audio – visual alarm
Filter guard Aluminum alloy frame
Power consumption 400 W
Power supply AC 220 / 110 V ± 10 %, 50 / 60 Hz ± 1 Hz
Ground resistance ≤ 0.10 Ω
Noise level ≤ 61 dB
Cabinet material Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating
Work table material 304 stainless steel
Window material Two-layer laminated toughened glass
Window thickness ≥ 5 mm
Interior dimensions ( W x H x D ) 1210 x 660 x 660 mm
Exterior dimensions ( W x H x D ) 1383 x 2295 x 775 mm
Weight 334 kgs

  • UV lamp for sterilization
  • Adjustable auto-air speed with filter block
  • Microprocessor, LCD display for safety and operation parameter monitoring
  • Easy to clean 304 stainless steel work table
  • Anti-UV, motorized front window
  • 2 waterproof sockets ( ≤ 500 W ), stainless steel water and gas tap
  • Single piece stainless steel side and back wall
  • Interlock and alarm function
  • Front 10° slant for working ease, maximize work area reach capacity and reduce glare
  • Memory function and UV life indicator alarm
  • Filter replacement, front window over height and abnormal air flow velocity alarm

Used in microbiology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science and environmental research based industries to safeguard users, materials and the environment from toxic and hazardous contaminants

Accessory NoAccessoryUnits
1Illumination LED lamp1
2UV lamp2
3Base stand1
4Stainless steel water tap1
5Stainless steel gas tap1
6Drain valve1
7Stainless steel I.V bar ( 10 hooks )1

Accessory NoAccessoryUnits
2Airflow tester1
3Formalin fumigation sterilizer1
4Infrared sterilizer1
5Adjustable base stand1
6Remote control1
7Electric height adjustable base stand1