Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer Labo780KA

Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer Labo780KA is an automatic device integrated with distillation and titration function. It is equipped with latest core control system, powerful automation and high quality components. The Automated system and protection makes the product more reliable, safety and smooth test process system.

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Measuring Range 0.1mg – 200mg
Analysis time 3 – 8min
Recovery ≥99.5%
Samples available Solid ≤ 5g; Liquid ≤20ml
Burette accurate 1.0μL/ step
Reproducibility ±0.5%
Water Consumption in the Distillation Process 1.5L/min
Data Storage Capacity 1800 groups
Power Supply 220 VAC±10%, 50 Hz
Power 2000W
Net Weight 38Kg
Dimensions 455*391*730 mm

  • Automatic completion of distillation, titration, calculation, printing, drain and cleaning function, safety and saving time, multiple protection i.e., failure self-detection, hints of condensed water shortage, displacement of safety door and digestion tube
  • The real-time control of the whole test process is given by visible titration cup
  • The steam flow is adjustable and can be controlled for different test requirements
  • Reagent barrel enjoys fluid absence warning function, ensuring smooth test going
  • The titration system and high-precision charging pump ensure test results accuracy
  • Large LCD touch screen providing abundant information and visual operation
  • For PC connection USB or RS485 interface is optional
  • Digestion tube fast drain function is used to avoid operator touch distilled hot reagents, protecting operators
  • The steam generator pressure and temperature can be monitored
  • The addition of acid and alkali sequence is adjustable and dilute water is quantified
  • This system supports distillation along with titration simultaneously
  • Multi protection, Safety door, Tube position, Cooling Water jacket
  • Self-Trouble Shooting functions for Valves, Pumps and Sensors
  • A total of 99 programmable methods storage is possible in this system
  • The solvents tanks are provided with liquid level sensor which prevents overflow or underflow

It is used to assay Soil, Waste water, Fertilizers and other materials and for carrying out distillation and titration methods also to get the accurate results by the Research People for research Purposes and also utilized in Colleges and Universities