Advanced Thermal Cycler Labo301THC

Advanced Thermal Cycler Labo301THC has gradient functions like gradient temperature range and gradient spread. Its max. Ramping rate is 5 ℃/s and cycle times is more than 200,000. These cyclers can also be used in laboratories to facilitate other temperature-sensitive reactions, including restriction enzyme digestion or rapid diagnostics.

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Capacity 32*0.2ml (4*8 layout)
Tube 0.2ml single tube, 8 strip
Temperature Range 4℃~100℃
Temperature Uniformity ≤±0.2℃
Temperature Accuracy ≤±0.2℃
Temperature Display Resolution 0.1℃
Maximum Heating Rate 5℃/sec
Maximum Cooling Rate 4℃/sec
Ramping Rate Adjustable 0.1℃~5℃
Gradient Temperature Range 30℃~100℃
Gradient Spread 1℃~30℃
Hot Lid Temperature 30℃~110℃
No. of Programs 10000 + (USB flash)
Max. No. of Step 30
Max. No. of Cycle 100
Time Increment/ Decrement 1sec~600sec
Temperature Increment/ Decrement 0.1℃~10℃
Dimensions 267*190*115 mm
Net Weight 3.2kg
Power Supply 85~264VAC, 47~63Hz, 200W

  • Provided with two temperature control modes: Block or Tube type
  • The maximum heating rate, cooling rate and ramping rate is 5 ℃/s
  • Scalable hot lid fits tubes of different heights to avoid tube melt and evaporation
  • Features like TFT color capacitive touch screen of 5 inches, 800*400 pixels, graphical menu navigation interface are provided and can be operated very easily
  • To keep up the rapid heating-conducting property and have enough corrosion resistance the aluminum model is strengthened with anodizing technology
  • Built-in 11 standard program file template, can quickly edit the required files
  • Allows to edit file when program is running, and can also display running program and left time
  • To meet the different experiment’s need, the hot lid temperature and hot lid work can be edited and set according to the requirement
  • Can continue to run unfinished program even after the power failure which is due to automatic restart function
  • PCR data can be stored and copied by USB
  • Can be communicated by USB2.0 and LAN update software
  • Through computer or cell phone one unit can control multiple PCR programs with the help of built-in Wi-Fi module

Used in research laboratories, clinical research mostly for amplifying DNA, cloning DNA and sequencing genes.