Gradient Thermal Cycler Labo203THC

Gradient Thermal Cycler Labo203THC is a Laboratory apparatus which has extra features that is gradient functions like gradient uniformity, gradient accuracy, gradient temperature range and gradient spread. It is equipped with most advanced semiconductor technology and have two temperature control modes that is block and tube type. These cyclers can also be used in laboratories to facilitate other temperature-sensitive reactions, including restriction enzyme digestion or rapid diagnostics.

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Capacity 384 well
Temperature Range 0℃~99.9℃
Temperature Uniformity ≤±0.3℃
Temperature Accuracy ≤±0.2℃
Temperature Display Resolution 0.1℃
Maximum Heating Rate 4.5℃/sec
Maximum Cooling Rate 4℃/sec
Ramping Rate Adjustable 0.1℃~4.5℃
Gradient Uniformity ≤±0.3℃
Gradient Accuracy ≤±0.2℃
Gradient Temperature Range 30℃~99.9℃
Gradient Spread 1℃~30℃
Hot Lid Temperature 30℃~110℃
No. of Programs 200
Max. No. of Segment 9
Max. No. of Step 9
Max. No. of Cycle 99
Time Increment/ Decrement 1sec~9min59sec
Temperature Increment/ Decrement 0.1℃~9.9℃
Dimensions 392*262*252 mm
Net Weight 10kg
Power Supply 85~264VAC, 50~60Hz, 600W

  • LCD display with 5.7 inch high definition 320*240 pixels
  • Step less adjustable hot lid, fit tubes of different heights to avoid tube melt and evaporation
  • Provided with protection functions like Pause function, Auto data Protection, Graphical display
  • Automatic restart after power failure. When power is restored it can continue to run unfinished program
  • The lid of the cycler can be placed in any angle
  • To ensure the stability and reliable testing it is provided with high sealing reaction zone

Used in research laboratories, clinical research mostly for amplifying DNA, cloning DNA and sequencing genes.