CO2 sensor III Style Incubator: Air Jacket Labo101AJI

CO2 sensor III Style Incubator: Air Jacket Labo101AJI heating Carbon Di-Oxide Incubator is convenient to use .By using its Advance Pollution Control Technology it cuts down resource losses, protect precious Cell and also increase the safety of Anti-Microbial Technology. It has an efficient humidity recovery program and the fan present assist Auxiliary Chamber for air circulation and protection of cell. NDIR Technology for CO2: NDIR – Non Dispersive Infrared Technology is the best choice as the Experiment involves frequent opening of the door. NDIR is sensitive to the changes in the CO2 Concentration and is not effected by other conditions inside the incubator. To avoid the Traditional Thermal Conductivity Probe in the monitoring of CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity a High Accuracy of 1000ppm is provided. If the door is opened after 30 seconds, you can ≤5 minutes in less than 3 minutes to return to 5% of the CO2 concentration. As frequent door opening is seen it can still maintain the CO2 concentration in the box quickly and evenly. (For III STYLE INCUBATOR ONLY)

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Capacity 160L
Heating Way Air Jacket
Shelves 3Pcs
Chamber size(mm) 510× 510× 660mm
CO2 Control way Infrared CO2 concentration sensor(NDIR technology)
Humidifying Way Natural evaporation(water match plate)
Humidifying Range > 96%RH(+37℃ regular work situation )
C02 Control Range 0-20%
CO2 Accuracy 1000ppm
Temperature Range Room temperature +5℃ to 65℃
Temperature Control 0.1℃
Temperature Fluctuation ± 0.1℃( under 37℃ regular working situation)
Working time 999hours 59min or continuous
Consumption power 900W
Power 110V-220V/50-60Hz
External size(mm) 660× 700× 990mm
Net Weight 105kgs

  • The CO2 density is controlled by Imported Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology
  • Sensor accuracy-1000ppm
  • The CO2 inlet is equipped with HEPA microorganism filter which filters particles with the diameter of more than 3μm effectively
  • Efficient heating designing: Taking whole cavity surface heating technology, to provide accurate temperature control and uniformity inside the cabinet
  • To prevent the cells during the cultivation of pollution, the cabinet is provided with UV germicidal lamp. UV disinfection can also be carried out regularly
  • Using advanced computer microprocessor intelligent control, LCD touch screen, easy operation and editing. Clear image digital display and intuitive touch. P. I. D control temperature stability, high precision, with over-temperature sound and light alarm
  • Independently Door Heating System preventing condensation of inner glass door hence preventing the microbial contamination
  • The indoor water tray is naturally used to evaporate and humidify in the workroom. The movable water tray can quickly restore the humidity in the cavity to 95% and optimize the cell growth conditions
  • The Chamber Liner made of high quality stainless steel, with corrosion resistance, acid, easy to clean, never rust and so on
  • Electro-polishing stainless steel shelves, which can be adjusted accordingly and polished stainless steel inside the walls is used
  • Double - deck door structure and usage of thick high quality sheet and insulation materials are used
    CO2 turnaround time-(In case open the door for 30seconds, temperature inside the chamber can return to 5%) less than 3mins after the door closed
  • Temperature turnaround time -(In case open the door for 30seconds, temperature inside the chamber can return to 37℃) less than 8mins after the door closed

Carbon Dioxide incubator is used for a wide range of applications in cell biology, oncology, genetics, immunology, viral research cytology and genetic engineering, and other fields, is the ideal device for modern medicine, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural science research