Glass Desiccator labo100GDS

Glass Desiccator Labo100GDS is a sealed container designed for drying or preserving moisture-sensitive substances in a controlled environment within its enclosure. Furnished with an airtight seal or vacuum to keep out air. Constructed from durable borosilicate glass, facilitates the modification of moisture levels. Utilized in crafting intricate tools and precision tools for lampworkers.

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I.D 210 mm
Total Height 275 mm
Height Of Body 180 mm
Weight 7 Kg

  • Equipped with a tightly fitting lid
  • Lower chamber to secure the drying agent, like silica or anhydrous calcium chloride
  • Feature a vacuum port to eliminate air and moisture
  • Includes a transparent glass that provides easy monitoring of the drying process and content
  • Incorporates a perforated plate, and enhanced air circulation with the desiccator
  • The edges are a quick rub with grease for an airtight fit.

Extensively utilized in laboratory environments, glass desiccators play a pivotal role in ensuring low humidity levels, facilitating precision drying, preserving hygroscopic substances, and supporting accurate sample weighing.