General Pass Box Labo201GPB

General Pass Box Labo201GPB is an auxiliary unit equipped with electronic interlock used to transfer small materials between clean room. It has function of air valve which prevents leakage of high pressure ensuring stable clean environment. Features stainless steel interior and cold rolled steel exterior material which are smooth and wear resistant.

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Internal size (W x L x H) 600 x 600 x 600 mm
External size (W x L x H) 800 x 600 x 690 mm
Cabinet Material Cold rolled steel with powder coated
Internal Material Stainless steel 304
Thickness of material 1 mm/1.2 mm
Power Supply 220 V/50 Hz
Weight 50 kgs

  • Wear resistant Stainless steel internal material
  • Two side door with electronic Interlock reduces cross pollution
  • Air valve prevents high pressure leakage
  • Sealing strip ensures airproof box
  • Double layer transparent glass for easy viewing
  • ON/OFF control switch with light
    Optional UV lamp

Used in clean environment, pharmaceuticals, industries, clinical and research area to transfer small materials from and into clean room.