Air shower Labo103AS

Air shower Labo103AS is a self-contained air shower system with automated voice prompts for the user to complete sequence of blowing dust process. It minimizes particulate matter entering or exiting the clean space. Personnel and materials entering or exiting the controlled environment are "scrubbed" by high velocity HEPA-filtered air jets with velocities of 20-27m/s.Two level filtration system increases the output efficiency.

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Configuration Air shower tunnel
Exterior dimensions ( W x D x H ) 1290 x 5000 x 2050 mm
Interior dimensions ( W x D x H ) 790 x 4880 x 1910
Number of people Tunnel
Stainless steel nozzle 60 pieces
Air velocity 22 m/s ~ 27 m/s
Noise beyond 1 meter ˂ 65
HEPA filter size 0.3 µm
HEPA filter dimensions 610 x 610 x 90
Number of HEPA filters 5
HEPA filter efficiency 0.9999
Number of fans 5
Fan power 1100 W
No of LED lights 5
LED light power 8 W
Power 380 V 50 Hz
Net weight 400 kgs
Packaging weight 500 kgs

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • H13 HEPA filter
  • Two level filtration system ( pre filter, HEPA filter )
  • Voice control panel
  • Automated voice prompts
  • Indicator light
  • Infrared sensor
  • Stainless steel door
  • Electronic door lock
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Custom sizes and configurations are also available

Used in pharmaceutical and lab animal research, to prevent cross-contamination within workspaces, to remove particulates, to remove surface contamination from personnel prior entering a lower level contaminated environment

Accessory No Accessory
1.        LED lamp
2.        Indicator
3.        Door closer
4.        SUS 304 nozzle
5.        HEPA filter
6.        LCD control
7.        SUS 304 handle
8.        Motor ( Fan )