Multi workbench Labo100MUB

Multi workbench Labo100MUB is an open modular frame type workbench that adopts structural steel frames. All accessories are modular designed that allow the work surface and functional accessories to mount on. It is a combination of the solution of storage, display, operation, lighting and power supply together for easy and high-efficiency working.

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ESD parameter Worktop 106 ̴ 109 Ohm; other part 106 ̴ 109 0hm
Height Adjust from 670 mm to 1120 mm
ESD L adjustable table support 1500 x 750 mm
ESD Double sided table top 1530 × 750 × 25mm
LED Light 28 W
ESD Double drawer 350 × 450 × 250 mm
Plastic keyboard tray 560 × 250 mm
Weight loading capacity 500 kgs

  • Better solution to enlarge the working space for the angled work area
    Cold Rolled steel material
  • Table top with ESD laminate
  • Adjustable structure providing comfortable posture
  • Excellent ESD performance
  • Permanent ESD validity

  • Customization available

Used for wide range of industrial use including the technical, manufacturing and medical departments