Corrosive industrial safety cabinet Labo105COISC

Corrosive industrial safety cabinet Labo105COISC is a dual walled fire resistance cabinet with 38 mm of insulating air space. Doors are reinforced with a three-point latch and manual lock for security. It features adjustable shelves to accommodate storage for different containers with flame arresters. Equipped with spill catcher shelves for preventing incidental drips. Inner and outer lead free powder coating provides durability and chemical resistance preventing corrosion and humidity.

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Capacity 170 L
Internal dimensions ( H x W x D ) 1612 x 1052 x 422 mm
External dimensions ( H x W x D ) 1650 x 1090 x 460 mm
Adjustable shelves 2
Shelf loading capacity 100 kgs
Door type Manual double door
Certification CE
Net weight 138 kgs

  • Dual walled
  • Fireproof venting
  • 180 ° fully opening door
  • Three-point latch and manual lock
  • Adjustable spill retaining shelves
  • Stainless steel anti-corrosive hinges
  • Deep leakage slot preventing liquid spillage
  • Electrostatic sprayed corrosion resistant door
  • Self-closing door (optional)

Used for storage of flammable and combustible liquids away from incompatible materials (e.g., oxidizers)