Four Filter Vented Storage Cabinet Labo100FSC

Four Filter Vented Storage Cabinet Labo100FSC is an advanced module filter that effectively absorbs toxic vapours, particles, and dust. Constructed with a generous 500ml storage capacity and a highly efficient venting system that ensures proper air circulation. Equipped with an alarming system that constantly monitors internal conditions. Integrated display screen offers real-time monitoring of critical information.

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Capacity 160 bottles (500ml)
Air capacity 220m³/h
Compression of shelf 30kg
Volume 40 dBA
Filter (pcs) 4
Fans (pcs) 1
Shelf (pcs) 8
Display screen Yes
Control system 1 unit
Alarm system Yes
Voltage 220v/50hz
Power 42W
Rated current 2A
External Dimension 800×510×2070-2360mm
Internal Dimension 708×450×1750mm

  • Provides an optional filtration module system that can be tailored to various experiments requirements
    Equipped with a highly efficient filtration system, utilizing HEPA
    It removes up to 99.99% of airborne particles, including volatile organic compounds
    Constructed using a material with anti-corrosive properties
    Furnished with Gray finish paint with epoxy powder coating
    Cabinet with transparent acrylic glass for clear view and safety
    Upgraded with a remote monitoring system for a real-time operational status check
    Designed with LED touchscreen control panel for seamless operations
    Allows the user to control the fan speed, lighting, and other settings conveniently
    Includes an epoxy resin-coated adjustable shelf with leaking holes

Four Filter Vented Storage Cabinet is commonly used for storing flammable, volatile, or hazardous chemicals. The ventilation helps dissipate fumes and prevent the buildup of potentially dangerous vapours.