Ozone Test Chamber Labo112OTC

Ozone Test Chamber Labo112OTC is quite secure to use and are much dependable for the outcome of the products. Ozone Test Chambers are basically climate modeling equipment’s when exposed under non-direct light, exposing to ozone-containing air and certain environment tests the compatibility of products such as unvulcanised Rubber and other products. It extends the shelf life of rubber products by taking up ozone-aging resisting and also the protective efficacy of the anti ozonant by evaluating the ozone aging resisting performance of rubber.

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Internal dimensions 800*1000*1000 (mm)
Overall dimensions 1280*1550*2100 (mm)
Diameter of holder 700mm
Length of each side 350mm
Temperature range 0°C ~ 100°C
Humidity range 30% - 98% R.H
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5°C
Temperature Variaton ± 2°C
Humidity Variation ± 2%
Speed Rate for Cooling Ambient~0°C within 20 minutes
Timing Range 0~999 hours
Ozone Concentration 1~1000PPHM
Sample Holder rotate Speed 0-10r/min
Air flow rate 0-60L/min
Clamp tensile Stretch 5%~ 35%
Power & voltage AC 380V 50HZ

  • Supplied with Platinum Resistance of A-Class for Sensing of Temperature
  • Suitable Ambient Cooling Range according to the Product
  • Thermal Insulation through Polyurethane Foam
  • Nichrome Heater for Heating up the chamber
  • Mechanical Compression Refrigeration System for Cooling Purpose
  • Equipped with Interior lighting and double-layer thermo stability silicone rubber sealing
  • Steel Plate with protective covering on the exterior side along with, stainless steel surface evaporation humidifier for external isolation
  • Dehumidification is through the Evaporator
  • Stainless Steel Coated Interior Material

Ozone Test Chambers are nearly used in every colleges and universities and research laboratories.Inspection arbitration, and technical supervision departments and other rubber products.Rubber&Plastics; wire and cable; packing materials; instruments and meters; medical equipment and control products quality in measuring quality control