Plant Growth Chamber Labo482PGC

LABONICS Labo482PGC Plant Growth Chamber is designed innovatively to carry out a variety of processes. The Plant Growth Chamber initiates Natural Climate by adopting Micro-Computer Control System which plays a major role in Illumination, Constant Heating and Cooling Temperature Control, Automatic Switching Program as per day and night and also protects it from over-temperature

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Internal Dimensions 700×650×950 (mm)
External Dimensions 850×910×1730(mm)
Chamber Volume(L) 450
Shelf Size (mm) 652×628
Shelf Qty(Standard/max) 2/13
Temperature Control Range Without illumination: 5℃~ 50℃
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.1℃ at 37℃
Temperature Fluctuation ± 0.5℃
Temperature Uniformity ± 1.5℃ at 37℃
Temperature Controller PID microprocessor control, soft touch, LED display
Temperature Sensor PT102
Humidity Control Range 50%~90%
Humidity Accuracy ± 0.3%RH
Humidity Fluctuation ± 5%RH
Humidity Controller PID microprocessor control, soft touch, LED display
Humidity Sensor Capacitor type
Illumination 0-20000LX
Timer Power-on, power off and working. Timing range: 1min-2970hr
External Material Steel (powder coating)
Internal Material Mirror polished 304 stainless steels
Net Weight (Kg) 195
Consumption Power (W) 1500
Power Supply 220V/50Hz (Optional:220V/60Hz, 110V/60Hz)

  • Omni-directional 3D heating technology ensuring uniformity of chamber temperature, with independently-controlled illumination inside the camber
  • Temperature controller with high-speed, high-performance CPU chip along with High-sensitivity and high precision Pt resistance sensor
  • 30-segment temperature control program to realize temperatures stepped programmer operation
  • Stainless steel working chamber, powder coated steel housing, double doors with inner toughened glass door and Stainless steel shelf with adjustable space
  • Compressor with over-pressure and under-pressure protection, intelligent defrost, self-checking on-and-off control programmer and internal refrigeration device. Low noise, long life and low temperature fluctuation
  • Preset programmed control with timing range up to 99 hours for power-on, power-off and working
  • Multiple alarming for sensor failure, high/low temperature deviation, over temperature, Automatic control of temperature and humidity. Automatic water feeding into water tank
  • Equipped with Parameter memory Temperature display calibration Dynamic self-diagnostic control technology
  • Reliable humidity sensor and advanced humidification technology to ensure humidity control accuracy, fast humidification and humidity uniformity
  • Light attenuation and error caused by lamp aging is reduced and supplied with Temperature controller and humidity controller for on-line operation

Plant Growth Chambers are unique in their work and hence used in many Agricultural Research Laboratories for seed germination, seedling experiment and also other works such as cultures of microbes and tissues. Apart from the Research Laboratories, it can be used for making fodder for insects and small animals. It also gives accurate Simulation of different Climatic Conditions.