High Pressure Water Spray Test Chamber Labo560HPTC

LABONICS offers a range of different Rain Test Chambers among them one is High Pressure Water Spray Test Chamber, which carries out test to protect the enclosed product from high pressure steam jet against water to test for ingress protection.

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Internal Dimensions 1000*1200*1000mm
Overall Dimensions 1250*1700*2050mm
Water Spray Temperature Ambient,88~℃ (Adjustable)
Water Spray Angle 0º,30º,60º,90º
Spray Range 30º ± 5º(single hole), Space-100-150mm
Distance from water spraying to specimens 10~15cm
Water Pressure 8000-10000 Kpa(adjustable)
Water Flow Rate 14L-16L/min
Testing Platform Speed 5± 1 r.p.m.
Test Platform Height 200-450mm,adjustable
Test Platform Diameters 600mm
Load ≤100kg
Power Supply 380V 50HZ

  • A Programmable color display touch screen controller
  • Stainless steel material on the Interior Side - SUS304
  • Exterior Material is of Steel plate with protective coating
  • Four Spray Nozzles along with holding period of 30 seconds from each position

Used to test water-tightness of sealed or enclosed products such as head lamps, tail lights, Mobile Phone parts, LED, Lightening, and Signal Devices