Rain Test Chamber Labo850RTC

Rain Test Chamber Labo850RTC is fully equipped to perform and reliable to the get the results. We deal with Rain Test chambers along with other test chambers. Rain Test Chambers performs tests regarding the degree of protection provided to the product in sealed or closed compartments by simulating a soaking, rainy environment.

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Internal Dimensions 900*900*900mm
External Dimensions 1120*1460*1660mm
Oscillating Tube Radius 400mm
Spraying Hole Diameter Ψ 0.4mm
Hole Spacing 50mm
Oscillating Tube Range ± 45℃ ,±60℃ ±90℃ ±180℃
Turntable Rotation Speed 1/r min, or steeples speed regulating(optional)
Nominal Power 4500W
Power AC380V HZ

  • A Programmable color display touch screen controller
  • A Large viewing window with a Wiper
  • Water Pressure is controlled by Flow Meter
  • Water is supplied through Storage Water Tank, Booster Pump, Automatic Water Supply, Water Purification System and Water Saving
  • Safety Measures provided for Electric Leakage, Short-Circuit and Motor Over Heating

Rain Test Chambers usually used to test water-tightness of sealed or enclosed products such as head lamps, tail lights, Mobile Phone parts, LED, Lightening, and Signal Devices also in Electronics, Automobile and Communications