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Basic workbench Labo100BWB

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Basic workbench Labo100BWB     |

Description :

Basic workbench Labo100BWB is a cold rolled steel workbench of ESD type. It is suitable for simple and economic work requirements. The two types of basic workbenches are ESD L adjustable table support and ESD laminate table top. The basic workbench can be extended side to side or back to back for different bench configurations.

Specifications :

Dimension for ESD adjustable support 1500 x 750 mm
ESD laminate table top 1530 x 750 x 25 mm
ESD parameter 106 ̴ 109 Ohm
Height adjustable range 670 mm to 1120 mm
Material thickness 2.0 mm
Weight loading capacity 500 kgs

Features :

  • Open modular frame
  • Manually adjustable heights
  • Cold rolled steel material
  • Table top with ESD laminate
  • Excellent ESD performance
  • Adjustable structure providing comfortable posture
  • Better solution to enlarge the working space for the angled work area
  • Customization is available

Applications :

Used for wide range of industrial use including the technical, manufacturing and medical departments.


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