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Fume Extraction Arm Labo100FEA

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Fume Extraction Arm Labo100FEA     |

Description :

Fume extraction arm Labo100FEA is a three section chemical resistant arm with 360 ° rotating exhaust hood. It is self-supported by internal spring to hold the extraction arm in balance. High quality polypropylene joints can be swiveled, dismantled and assembled for cleaning.

Specifications :

Length 3150 mm
Dome hood diameter 375 mm
Inner diameter of pipe 90 mm
Color White
Package weight 10 kgs

Features :

  • Chemical resistant polypropylene dome hood
  • Adjustable joint knob molded in brass nut locking
  • Stainless steel center bolt
  • Damper for manual adjustment of airflow
  • Wall bracket for arm installation

Applications :

Used in educational, medical, industrial, clinical and research laboratories to capture gases, dust, mist, smoke and metal fumes at their source.


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