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Pegboard Labo100PB

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Description :

Pegboard Labo100PB is a single faced laboratory drying rack with panel or deck mounting installation. High grade polypropylene provides resistance to chemicals. It is equipped with detachable pegs and tray holes for water drainage. Product size, material and design can be customized as per customer requirement.

Specifications :

No of pegs 27
Dimensions 400 x 120 x 550 mm
Type Single faced
Material Polypropylene
Installation Panel mounted/deck mounted

Features :

  • Material - polypropylene/stainless steel
  • Type - single faced/double faced
  • Detachable pegs for convenient use
  • Customization available

Applications :

Used in educational, medical, research and industrial laboratories for drying labware, glassware, big-sized flask, etc.


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