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Intelligent safety cabinet Labo102ILSC

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Intelligent safety cabinet Labo102ILSC     |

Description :

Intelligent safety cabinet Labo102ILSC is a dual walled cabinet designed to effectively store and manage medicines and specimens. Doors are reinforced with a double lock ( Digital lock + Key lock) for management security. It features a shelf to accommodate storage with 2 inches vents integrated with flame arresters. Durable lead-free epoxy/polyester powder-coat finish provides excellent chemical resistance.

Specifications :

Capacity 60 L
Internal dimensions ( H x W x D ) 1772 x 822 x 822 mm
External dimensions ( H x W x D ) 1810 x 860 x 860 mm
Adjustable shelf 1
Shelf loading capacity 50 kgs
Door type Manual double door
Certification CE
Net weight 194 kgs

Features :

  • Fireproof venting
  • 180 ° fully opening door
  • Double lock ( Digital lock + Key lock )
  • Adjustable spill retaining shelves
  • Stainless steel anti-corrosive hinges
  • Deep leakage slot preventing liquid spillage
  • Adjustable air inlet
  • Stepped PP shelves with vent holes
  • Ventilation systems on top of the cabinet
  • Self-closing door (optional)
  • Optional colors ( Blue and Yellow )

Applications :

Used for storage of flammable and toxic liquids and materials which need strictly temperature control


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