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HEPA box Labo103HEPA

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Description :

HEPA box Labo103HEPA is a terminal filtration device with side and vertical configured air supply. It consists of a static pressure box, HEPA filter tube and diffused hole plate. A range of finishes are available, including cold rolled steel, stainless steel 201 / 304, and powder coated steel for user choice.

Specifications :

Air volume 2000m3/h
Filter size 915 x 610 x 90
Exterior dimensions ( W x D x H ) 965 x 660 x 400
Flange size 500 x 200
Configurations Liquid seal HEPA box
Below the air outlet
Standard HEPA box

Features :

  • Side and vertical air supply
  • Round and square flanged structure
  • Paste insulation cotton (optional configuration)

Applications :

Used in medical facilities, operating theatres and operating side rooms, intensive care, isolation areas, sterile zones, clean zones and working places, exhaust air filtration of toxic aerosols, electronic, optical, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries etc.


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