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Reagent Rack Labo104RR

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Description :

Reagent Rack Labo104RR is a benchtop reagent shelving rack with sturdy cold rolled steel plate framework for organized storage of chemicals. It is equipped with an upright rectangular service base column. The rack height is adjustable as per requirements.

Specifications :

Type Wall sided benchtop
Dimensions ( D × H) 300 × 800 mm
Material Cold rolled steel plate

Features :

  • Epoxy resin powder coated double layer steel shelves
  • High temperature resistant
  • Acid and alkali resistant zinc cold rolled steel plate bracket
  • Alloy aluminium shelf baffle can be installed
  • Customized number of shelves and shelf material (glass or steel) available
  • Customized dimensions available
    Length can be customized as per the lab workbench

Applications :

Used in medical, educational, analytical, research laboratories, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for systematic storage of chemical reagents on the worktop


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