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ESD light workbench Labo150LWB

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ESD light workbench Labo150LWB     |

Description :

ESD light workbench Labo150LWB is an open modular frame type workbench with light duty table legs, back panel and cross beam. This workbench type is very convenient for dismounting. Its loading capacity is 500 kgs but ESD castors can be added to enhance loading capacity and to strengthen the metal castors.

Specifications :

ESD Light duty table support 1500 × 750 × 760 mm
ESD Double sided table top 1530 x 750 x 25 mm
ESD Upright accessory frame 750 x 1600 mm
ESD Back panel 750 × 390 mm
ESD Adjustable shelf 750 x 650 mm + Single-face Bracket
ESD steel shelf 750 mm
Straight light support racket 750 x 380 mm + Slide hook
LED light 28 W
Suspension rail 750 mm
Drawer Frame 750 mm
Double layer drawer 350 x 450 x 250 mm
Static loading capacity 500 kgs
Dynamic loading capacity 300 kgs

Features :

  • Fixed height
  • Cold rolled steel material
  • Open modular frame
  • Adjustable structure providing comfortable posture
  • Excellent ESD performance
  • Customization is available

Applications :

Used for wide range of industrial use including the technical, manufacturing and medical departments.


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