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LCD Screen Vented Storage Cabinet Labo201LSC

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LCD Screen Vented Storage Cabinet Labo201LSC     |

Description :

LCD Screen Vented Storage Cabinets are chemical storage cabinets with a storage capacity of 0.52 m3. Features LCD digital display with alarm system to detect malfunction. They are integrated with sampling port to detect saturation of filter. It has spill collecting tray with absorption mat to collect spillages.

Specifications :

Configuration LCD Screen single door with compartment
Storage capacity 0.52 m3
Air exchange 180 times/h
Capacity of bottles 1 L x 120
Alarm system 1 pc
Filter 1 MF
Air treated volume 92 m3/h
Spill tray volume 10 L
Noise level < 48 dBA
Shelf weigh resistance 60 kgs
Power 45 W
Voltage 110 V/50 Hz
240 V/60 Hz
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 800 x 500 x 2150 mm

Features :

  • High efficiency Molecular filter system
  • Alarm system with audio and light signal for fault detection
  • Control panel with LCD display
  • Sampling port - Detects saturation of filter
  • Acid box for storing incompatible chemicals
  • Dual lock design for additional safety
  • Spill tray with absorption mat to collect spillages

Applications :

Used in biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical and research laboratories for storing corrosive and toxic chemicals.


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