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Class III Biosafety cabinet Labo400BSC-III

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Class III Biosafety cabinet Labo400BSC-III     |

Description :

Class III Biosafety cabinet Labo400BSC-III is a safety containment cabinet that limits operator exposure to Group 4 hazard level materials by negative pressure inward airflow. HEPA air filtration system filters inflow and exhaust air to prevent environmental contamination. Glove attachment to cabinet facilitates complete barrier protection against particulate material released within work area. Provides user, environment and product protection and is suitable for work involving extreme bio-hazard chemicals and pathogens.

Specifications :

External dimension (W×D×H) 1540×880×2000 mm
Internal dimension (W×D×H) 910×650×660 mm
Pre-filter Polyester fiber, washable
Negative work zone pressure ≥ -120 Pa
HEPA Filter Air supply  99.999% efficiency at 0.3μm
HEPA Filter First Exhaust 99.999% efficiency at 0.3μm
HEPA Filter Second Exhaust 99.999% efficiency at 0.3μm
Noise NSF 49 ≤61 dB/EN 12469≤48 dB
number of gloves port 2
Gloves type One pair of 800 mm butyl rubber gloves
Front Window 8 mm toughened glass, anti-ultraviolet radiation
Pass Box  Internal dimension (W×D×H) 430×330×355 mm
Pass Box  External dimension (W×D×H) 575×425×495 mm
Alarm Audio and visual alarm, abnormal pressure; filter replacement
Work Zone Material 304 stainless steel
Illumination ≥ 1000 lux
Power consumption 1300 W
LED lamp 16 W × 2
UV lamp 30W×2, 8W×1,  Emission of 253.7 nm for most efficient decontamination
Power Supply AC220 V±10% ,50/60 Hz;110 V±10%,60 Hz
Gross weight 450 kg
Dimension 1890×1065×2240 mm

Features :

  • UV lamp for sterilization
  • Double door pass box with interlock function and UV lamp
  • Microprocessor, LCD display for pressure, safety and operation parameter monitoring
  • Double filtration (UPLA filters) of exhaust air
  • Angled cabinet model for working ease, maximize work area reach capacity and reduce glare
  • Anti-UV front window
  • Filter replacement and abnormal air flow velocity alarm

Applications :

Used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and research based industries to safeguard users, materials and the environment from high-risk toxic and hazardous contaminants


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