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Portable Vented Storage Cabinet Labo400PSC

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Portable Vented Storage Cabinet Labo400PSC     |

Description :

Portable Vented Storage Cabinet is a portable chemical storage unit with a storage capacity of 0.11 m3. Its additional safety filter purifies toxic chemical ensuring laboratory safety when main filter reaches saturation. It has spill collecting tray with absorption mat to collect spillages. Features alarm system with audio and visual signal to detect malfunction.

Specifications :

Storage capacity 0.11 m3
Air exchange 9.9 times/min
Capacity of bottles 1 L x 20
Alarm system 1 pc
Filter 2 MFS
Air treated volume 80 m3/h
Spill tray volume 2 L
Noise level < 45 dBA
Shelf weigh resistance 30 kgs
Power 19 W
Voltage 220 V/50 Hz
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 500 x 450 x 580 mm

Features :

  • Two Molecular filter - Main filter and safety filter
  • Safety filter purifies toxic chemicals ensuring laboratory safety
  • Spill tray with absorption mat to collect spillages
  • Audio and visual alert detects malfunction • Sliding rail provides easy movement

Applications :

Used in biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical and research laboratories for storing corrosive and toxic chemicals.


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