Salt Spray Prohesion Cycle Corrosion Tester Labo112PCT

LABONICS Labo112PCT offers a wide range of Salt Spray Test Chambers one of them being Prohesion Cycle Corrosion Tester. It is preferable as the Prohesion electrolyte solution is much more dilute than traditional salt fog test. Took its origin in England for industrial maintenance coatings applications. Besides also being a good test for filiform corrosion. These are manufactured in a way it becomes convenient and easy to handle them through the process

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Internal dimensions 770*1430*700(mm)
Overall dimensions 1450*2520*1620(mm)
Temperature range 10°C ~110°C
Humidity range 30% ~ 98% RH
Temperature Tolerance +/- 2.0 °C
Humidity Tolerance +2%,-3%
Salt concentration tolerance ±1%
Spray deposition 1~2ml / 80cm2 · h
Temperature Controller Programmable color display touch screen controller Interface R232 PC Link
Temperature sensor Platinum resistance. PT100 / MV A-class
Salt water preheating The temperature for salt water should be equal with workroom temperature
Spraying system No Spraying System
Standard configuration Round bar / 1 piece; Sample holder / 1 piece; Spray nozzle / 2 pieces; Fog collectors / 2 pieces; Metering cylinder / 2 pieces
Safety device Humidifier dry-combustion protection, independent over-temperature protection, water shortage protection, over-current protection, refrigerant high-pressure protection switch, over-current circuit breaker, earth leakage protection and so on

  • Equipped with a Fiber glass material
  • A dry and wet bulb sensor for Humidity
  • Collection of Salt Fog with standard fog collector and metering cylinder
  • For the filtration of Salt Water supplied with Suction Tubes
  • Crystallization doesn’t occur in the Spraying System
  • Atomizer Tower for adequate Spraying into the chamber
  • The Exterior and Interior Material is of Glass fiber reinforced plastics
  • The chamber is made in a manner that it is Anti-Aging and Corrosion Resistant also
  • Provided with Spray Nozzle, Fog Collector and Metering Cylinder
  • Hydrostatic hood seal makes sure it’s completely sealed

The Salt Spray Prohesion Cycle Corrosion Tester is one of the widely used Tester for coating in Coating industries, Industrial Fields, Research and Laboratories